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Have you already invested in the Shiftal coin? If not, do not miss this opportunity. The Phase 2 Private Sale of Shiftalcoin has started on the official website. Join today to buy the coin at an offer price of INR 8 per SFL.

Shiftal coin is a high-potential exchange coin based on the TRON blockchain. It is designed to be more efficient, faster and cost-effective than other tokens, including ERC20 tokens. …

Shiftal coin IEO sale is live now and running successfully. Participants can buy the Shiftal coin at an exclusive price of INR 6 per SFL during the private sale, which ends soon. Join now before it’s too late.

Shiftal coin private sale is a member-only sale event, where the company is offering its next-gen Shiftal Coin (cryptocurrency) at an introductory price, along with the industry-first 3-level referral program.

Shiftal coin IEO, which started in August 2021, is already seeing a huge response from investors and running successfully. To further boost investors’ confidence, the Shiftal team is regularly coming up with…

Shiftal Referral program is a unique refer and earn program, where users can earn up to 16% commission for simply inviting people to join and trade on the Shiftal P2P Exchange.

What is Shiftal Coin’s 3 Level Referral Program?

Shital’s referral program offers you rewards in three stages. Not only can you earn a commission for direct referrals (level 1) but also you get free tokens every time anyone in your network refers someone to join Shiftal.

Level 1 — Direct Referrals — Earn 8% unlimited commission for every person who buys Shiftal coin with your referral id.

Level 2: Earn 5% commission per person for adding people…

Shiftal Coin (SFL) is an exchange coin created as the native cryptocurrency of the Shiftal P2P Exchange. As the office utility coin of Shiftal, SFL can be used for paying the trading/transaction fee on the Shiftal Exchange. Here we’ll talk about the various benefits you get from buying and using the Shiftal Coin.

What is Shiftal Coin?

Shiftal Coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Shiftal Exchange, which is one of the fastest-growing peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. Shiftal Coin is exclusively used for making payments and receiving discounts on trading/transaction fees on the Shiftal Exchange.

Shiftal Coin…

Shiftal Coin Private Sale Phase 1 is live now.

Shiftal coin has been launched at and is now being sold through the private sale phase 1 round. If you are planning to buy the Shiftal coin, this is the best time. Go to the website and participate in Shiftal Coin IEO now.

Why should you buy Shiftal Coin?

Be part of the community

Be part of the innovative and growing community of Shiftal users & traders and learn crypto trading from pros. Trade seamlessly with other users on Shiftal and buy Bitcoin and ETH at fair prices with complete transparency.

Buy Shiftal coin at a…

Looking to convert your Ether to Bitcoin? Let me tell you about the best and easiest way to exchange BTC for ETH at the lowest price in India. Unlike traditional Bitcoin exchanges that charge a hefty commission for every trade, the Shiftal P2P exchange allows you to trade bitcoins and ETH at practically zero fees. Here’s how you can exchange ETH to BTC on Shiftal using over 70 payment options, including INR.

What is Shiftal P2P Exchange?

A P2P exchange is unlike any traditional exchange where all transactions are managed and processed by the platform owners. …

Bitcoin to Ethereum Exchange refers to the process of buying Ethereum (ETH) in exchange for bitcoins. There are a number of exchange platforms that provide this service. Basically, they allow you to buy ETH by paying in Bitcoins. Here’s how it works.

Bitcoin to ETH Exchange — how it works

For someone looking to buy ETH, there are usually two options — buy ETH in exchange for a fiat currency, or buy ETH in exchange for a cryptocurrency.

Now, there are not many exchanges that as of yet support many fiat currencies, and it’s nearly impossible for someone living in a third-world country to find an exchange that…

Whether you are looking to buy/sell Bitcoin or simply looking for a free & safe crypto wallet to store your Bitcoin, ETH, etc., Shiftal is the best choice for many reasons. As a complete bitcoin exchange, Shiftal can be used for purchasing crypto, storing coins, making digital payments, and more. Here’s everything you can do with the Shiftal Exchange.

What is Shiftal P2P Exchange?

A P2P crypto exchange is a platform that lets you find, connect and trade directly with other users. In simple words, you can use the exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with other traders.

Shiftal is…

Shiftal is a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange where you can buy and sell bitcoin at relative ease and with complete security. The platform gives you as many as 70 payment options to choose from. But, how do you send, receive or transfer bitcoins on Shiftal? It’s easy.

When you create an account on the Shiftal Exchange website, you get a free digital wallet, where you can store your cryptocurrencies, as well as send and receive bitcoins.

Note: Though Shiftal wallet transfer is very secure, we advise users to be extra careful when sending or receiving bitcoins. Always double-check the address you…

In a third world country like India, where people are only now getting acquainted with the concept of digital money, the options are far limited for someone looking to buy bitcoin. Even though there are already multiple exchanges in India providing bitcoin trading services, not many of them yet support local currency or allow users to buy bitcoin using cash (bank payment, etc.) or cards. But, some of them do.

If you are looking to buy Bitcoin using fiat currency, bank transfer or card, I’m here to tell you the easiest process for the same. …


Let’s Make P2P Exchange Trading Fun

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