What are the Key Features of Shiftal Coin?

3 min readOct 13, 2021


Shiftal coin is an exchange coin created and launched as the native coin for the Shiftal P2P exchange. The primary role of the Shiftal coin is to help make crypto trading easier & affordable for the platform users by providing a highly secure, discount payment option.

As a utility token for the Shiftal exchange, the Shfital coin supports a number of utilities and can be used for payments of trading fees, platform fees, listing fees and other charges on the exchange.

Note: An exchange coin is created as the native cryptocurrency for a particular crypto exchange platform. Shiftal coin, Binance coin, etc. are popular examples.

What is Shiftal Coin?

Shiftal Coin is a powerful Utility Coin created for and used on the Shiftal P2P exchange.

Shiftal coin can be used as a digital currency to pay trading fees, exchange fees and other charges on Shiftal. At a later date, the coin will be expanded beyond Shiftal and could be used for online/offline payments globally using the Shiftal debit card.

The Shfital coin comes with a dedicated, secure digital wallet that can be used to store, manage and transact cryptocurrencies internally.

Shiftal Coin Features & Benefits

Shiftal coin is a powerful exchange coin that comes with a range of amazing features and benefits for users. For example, users can get up to a 50% discount for using Shiftal coin to pay trading fees and other changers on Shiftal. Also, the coin is designed to be highly liquid and can be easily traded for cash/crypto on Shiftal and a range of other exchanges. Let’s discuss some more features of the Shiftal coin in detail here.

Exclusive to Shiftal users

One of the core features of the Shiftal coin is that it’s the native coin of the Shiftal exchange and can be used exclusively on Shiftal platforms. It provides a secure medium to pay fees and charges for the use of Shiftal exchange.

Discount on fee payments

The Shiftal coin is designed such that it will automatically offer a discount when used to pay fees on the Shiftal exchange. The value of the discount a user can receive is not fixed and can be changed later on.

High liquidity

Shiftal coin has high liquidity, which means the coin can be easily swapped for cash or other cryptocurrencies through any exchange where it will be listed. The coin will be shortly listed on the Shiftal exchange, followed by its listing on other popular crypto exchanges.

Fast and efficient

Being based on the most advanced TRON blockchain, Shiftal coin is fast and efficient by nature. As compared to other popular tokens, Shiftal can process transactions faster and offers higher security. Moreover, it inherits the cross-compatibility feature of TRON and can be seamlessly traded with hundreds of popular cryptocurrencies.

Enabled for trading

The Shiftal coin is a trading-enabled coin, which means it can be traded against other cryptocurrencies via the exchanges where it is or will be listed. These include the Shiftal exchange, where you can buy/sell the Shfital coin for bitcoin and ETH.

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