What Makes Shiftal Coin an Investment-worthy Cryptocurrency

Shiftal coin is a utility token for the Shiftal P2P exchange that provides an easy and low-cost medium for traders to pay their payment fees and receive discounts. Shiftal coin is beneficial not only for the Shiftal exchange traders but also for everyone who invests or uses the Shiftal platform.

What are the features & benefits of the Shiftal coin?

As the native cryptocurrency of the Shiftal exchange, the Shiftal coin (SFL) powers the entire ecosystem, including trading of Bitcoin and ETH. Later on, as the Shiftal platform expands and provides other services such as commodity trading, forex, spot, margin & future exchange, SFL will continue to serve as the primary medium for payments across all the platforms.

Primary features of the Shiftal coin include:

TRON blockchain — Shiftal coin is based on the highly efficient and innovative TRON blockchain. As a TRC20 token, SFL can execute transactions at an average speed of 3 seconds per block. Also, it’s seamlessly compatible with other tokens, including ERC20.

Use for payments: Though Shiftal coin is a utility token, it can also be used for making digital payments when trading crypto on the Shiftal exchange. Payments with Shiftal coin are fast and low cost. The Shiftal coin supports multiple utilities and can be used for all kinds of payments within the Shiftal ecosystem.

Discount on trading fees: Shiftal coin is designed such that it will automatically offer a discount on payments. Traders when using SFL for paying trading fees or platform charges on Shiftal will receive a predefined discount (to be decided by the team).

Later on, SFL’s uses as a digital currency will be extended beyond the Shiftal ecosystem. The team also plans to launch the Shiftal debit card, which can be purchased using SFL and used to make payments at online/offline utilities globally just like a traditional debit card. It will be connected directly with the user’s Shiftal wallet.

Why invest in Shiftal Coin

If you are not already convinced, here are some other ways buying and investing in Shiftal Coin can benefit you as an investor.

Investors get first access to the Shiftal platform and products

The investors and holders of the Shiftal coin will be treated as exclusive customers, who will get first access to any and all of Shiftal services, products and launches. For example, when SFL is listed on the exchange, our investors will be instantly able to trade their coins.

Exclusive rewards for SFL investors

Based on the investment value, exclusive rewards will be offered to the investors. For example, any person or team that buys Shiftal coins worth INR 25 lakh or more will get a 5% commission of the sale value plus 0.5% of the total Shiftal Coin supply as a bonus. There are other rewards available based on user spending.

Note: The rewards mentioned here are not definite and may change over time. Please visit the website shiftalcoin.com to check the latest offers.

There are many other benefits as well. As a Utility payment token, SFL can be used for digital payments globally, for which users get discounts and exciting offers. And since the total supply of SFL is limited and the platform (exchange) is growing swiftly, the value of the token will only increase with time.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your discount coupon to trade cryptocurrencies now! Visit https://shiftalcoin.com/ to buy Shiftal coin in the IEO at an exclusive member-only price.




Let’s Make P2P Exchange Trading Fun

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Let’s Make P2P Exchange Trading Fun

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